[2015] Fion Li (2nd Pd. Spanish I 15-16): Book Of Life

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[2015] Fion Li (2nd Pd. Spanish I 15-16): Book Of Life

Book of Life ReflectionBy: Fion Li2nd Period

What is the Critical Concern of Earth?To me, the Critical Concern of Earth is about protecting and keeping the planet clean as possible with a healthy environment for everyone.

1st Connection:In the movie, Monolo offers a piece of bread to a lady and in return she offers him her full blessing. I think this relates to Earth, becuase in order to enjoy life you should help other people who need it. Some people may not be living the same lives as others, so it's fair to share what you have to the less fortunate.

3rd Connection:In the movie, Manolo visits his mother at the grave and the scene shows all his family members right beside him. This relates to Earth, because during your lifetime there will be times when your loved ones pass away, but always remember that they are always there for you in spirit.

2nd Connection:In the movie, Manolo follows his passion of singing no matter what anyone said. This relates to Earth, becuase in life there will be people who tease you and tell you that you CAN'T do it. Sometimes, you just need to believe in yourself and prove everyone wrong just like how Manolo believed in himself as a singer.

4th Connection:In the movie, it is explained that there are two worlds, the Land of the Remembered and the Land of the Forgotten. I think this may relate to Earth, because I believe there is hell or heavan waiting for us in the afterlife. In order to live a good life and go to heavan you should go beyond yourself and follow in the path God imagined you to have.

Overall, I thought this movie had a great lesson of never giving up in your dreams and to believe in the impossible.


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