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One day a servent approached Job and told him that the Sabeans had attacked and killed his servents and had stole all his donkeys. Before Job could react, a second servent came to him and told him that a lighnting bolt had struck all his shepards and killed all his sheep. Then, a third servent came running in and reported that 3 bands of Chaldean attacked the camels and the servents with them. Finally, a fourth servent said, that a strom had hit the house his children were feasting at and had killed them all. The servents that came back alive were the only ones who had survived the disatsers. Job was was filled with grief. He excalimed "I was born with nothing, the Lord gave and now he has taken away. May his name be praised!" Job did not end up blaming God for anything.

Jobs children and wealth are destroyed

Type of Book

-I was born with nothing and i will die with nothing (1.21)*means everything belongs to God and eventually it will all be returned to him, even us human beings-God never twists justice, he never fails to do what is right. (8.3)*Everything God does is right and we should not doubt him, but support jis work of greatness.-If only my life could once again be as it was when god watched over me. (29.2)*Life without God there to stand by you is not as great, God is basically evrything to us

Sometime Before 1700 bc. A precise date has not been confirmed or found yet.


Job 1 and Job 3 are the prologue, Job 3:1-42:6 is poetry and dialogues. Job 42:7-14 is the epilogue, and both the prologue and the epilogue is written in prose.

Book of Job Chapters

Theme of the book

The Book of Job is a prayer because of the Dialogue between God and humans.

Theme is about suffering and how we should share Jesus' suffering since it ultimately is for us.


The story/stories in the book of Job is easily relatable too. As we live our daily lives we have experienced suffering in many different ways. Both physically and emotionally. I personally can relate to this story with stories of my own pain, and suffering. It isn't anything special but in my opinion, i think this is what it makes it truly worth it. Everyday i suffer in many different ways. Some examples are waiting for lunch time, doing all the homework teachers have given me, and managing my time on the computer and playing video games. These things can be very torturous, but i think it is important to share even a bit of Jesus' pain and suffering little every day. This is how i can relate to the stories of suffering in the book of job



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