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Book exersice

Book Exercise

Hey fraid! I had a grat tieme in Yosemite National Park las weekend with my parents. We had made a reservation for a hotel, but when we got there, it was full. So we ended up renting a cabin instead. we could also have staed in a tent on a campsite, but rhere is lots of wildlife in the park, and I slept better kanowing I wasn't about to get woken up by a ountain lion or blak bear. We went horseback riding out to Yosemite falls one day, and we has oalnned to go climbing there too, but the whater terned bad. I want to go back in winter and do some skiing and anowmobiling. Hope you had a good weekend, too! Jaya

Audio By: Andrea Baron

Calamity Jane. Whose real name was Martha Jane cannary was born in Missoury on May 1 of 1852. Thirteen year later, her fammily moved to Virginia City, Montana. Her mother died on the journey, however and young Martha had to look for work. First she worked as an Oxdriver but she wanted more adveture so in 1874 she joined the army as a scoet. She quikly gained a reputation for her skill at a shooting Diving one gunfinght, she saver the life of Capital Egain, and result, Egain named her Cakamity Jane, the heroine of the plains. Calamity Jane soon left the army because she was so restless, and worked as a railway worker and a mule akinner before becoming an acotr and playing herself on stage in Calamity Jane! The famous Woman Scout of the wild west in 1896. Calamity Jane did in Terry. South Dakota in 1803

A I had never liked science fiction movies before I saw.B Maie won the tornament because had training heard all year.C Chiris an were playing baskball when it stared to rain.D Amy felt had felt sick because she had eaten a whole pizza.E I hadn't met your brother until you were introduced us at you party.

Calamity Jane


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