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Boo Who

Courage is a quality people must have to get through tough times in life.

By: Kelsi WillisAtticus portrayed courage in several different ways. One way he portrayed courage would be how he had to shoot the dog, he was the town's best shot. He also showed courage by being real with his kids, just telling them straight up. That is courage because it takes a lot not to tell your kids about Santa or the tooth fairy.

JIM CROW LAWSBy: Kenze McGuireThe Jim Crow laws were racial segregation laws enacted after Reconstruction in order keep African Americans oppressed as they were in slavery. Examples include: blacks and whites may not eat together, shake hands, or light each other's cigarettes. In the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, blacks are treated like second class citizens thanks to these laws. This is shown by the treatment of Tom Robinson in his own trial.

Scottsboro TrialsBy: Eve and BethanyThe Scottsboro trials are about how nine boys got accused of rape by Victoria Price and Ruby Bates. On March 25, 1931, the boys were taken to Scottsboro, Alabama. Ruby went missing. She went away to New York. When she came back, she was dressed all fancy because the citizens up north bribed her to tell the jury that the nine boys were not accused of rape, but the jury and judge did not believe her because they could obviously tell that she had been bribed. The Scottsboro trials are related closely to the book. In the book the man Tom Robinson was accused of the rape and beating of Mayella, but in the real world something very similar happened. Nine African American boys were accused of the rape of two white women, Ruby Bates and Victoria Price. The omen pressed charges on all of the men and tried to put them in jail to cover up what they were doing, which was hoboing on a train. Just like Mayella did, she accused Tom of rape so she wouldn't look bad for coming on to him.


By: Kenze McGuireIn To Kill A Mockingbird, courage is shown throughout the entirety of the novel. An excellent example is when Atticus teaches the children what courage really is. There is a mangy dog that is foaming at the mouth, cruising through the neighborhood. Atticus is a sharp shoot and kills the dog easily. The kids think this is real courage. Atticus sets the record straight by saying, ''Real courage is when you know you're licked before you begin, but begin anyway and see it through no matter what.''

THE GREAT DEPRESSIONBy: Kelsi WillisIn 1929-1939, the Great Depression occurred. This was an economic disaster that occurred in America, Europe, and many othe indutrilizations, the stock market had crashed. The president was Hoover. This is related to the book because Scout went through this time frame, she experienced everything. It was a part of her childhood.

Point of veiw: Bethany FlowersScout shows courage throughout the book through her point of view in many situations. One situation Scout shows courage through her point of view is when herself and Jem pass by Ms. Dubose's house one day and she makes a rude comment about their father, Atticus, defending Tom Robinson in the court. Jem became furious with this comment and cut the tops off every camellia bush she owned. This shows courage because Jem didn't take in that comment and just walk away from it. He stood up for his father's dignity and made sure that he wasn't "discriminated" just like other African Americans were. Also, Jem didn't have to do that for his father, but he was courageous enough to stand up to Ms. Dubose, knowing that he could get in serious trouble for what he had done.

Throughout the book, Scout shows many qualities of courage. One way scout showed courage was when she would go to Boo Radley even though she was afraid of him. This shows courage because she stepped up and faced one of her fears and talked to Boo Radley.



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