Bone out of Boneville

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Bone out of Boneville

BoneOut From Boneville

Graphic Summary

RecommendationYou should read this book if you want to get into a series. After reading the book I am dying to read Bone 2 to find out what is going to happen with the rat creatures.

Genre: Fantasy / MysteryFormat: Graphic Novel

Will all of the bones be reuinited? Who is the creepy guy who wants Phoney? Why does he want him?

Thorn talks her grandma into letting Phoney and Fone Bone to stay with them, in the barn.

Grandma stays to fight the rat creatures and sends Thorn and Fone to escape.

When Fone bone meets Thorn, he immediately falls in love with her.

Fone bone becomes friends with an opposom family while living in the woods. He is being tracked by rat creatures.

Fone Bone meets Ted, a bug, and is being protected by a dragon that no one knows about.

After the locusts swarm the bones, they all get separated.

By Jeff Smith

Phoney, Fone, and Smiley Bone leave Boneville because of Phoney Bone.


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