Bone Cancer

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Bone Cancer

Bone cancer is cancer that can form on the bone of joints.Most common type of bone cancer is osteosarcoma.The cancer causes dull and aching pain and swelling in the bone and joints.

In the 1960's amputation of the bone would be the treatment so the cancer wouldn't spread. Today, however, the types of treatment used for osteosarcomas include: SurgeryChemotherapyRadiation therapy (in certain cases) Most often, both chemotherapy and surgery are needed.

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What is it?

Genetics can be the cause of bone cancer.Bone cancer is also caused by the spread of cancer cells from cancer cells that are somewhere else in the body.Cancer can spread to the bone through lymphatic channels or blood stream.The exact cause of most bone cancers is not known.


Bone Cancer

1. Swelling of the bone and joints2. Problems with movement 3. Pain is worse at night4. Fever and sweating5. Tiredness6. Unexplained weight loss

.The treatment you have to get is a body scan so the specialist can determine if you have any cancer in your bones or joints. There are no known lifestyle changes to lower the risk of developing bone cancer.



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