Bombing of Pearl Harbor

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Social Studies
World War II

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Bombing of Pearl Harbor

Hundreds of Japnese planes attacked the American naval base located in Pearl Harbor. The Japanese destroyed around twenty naval vessels and eight of them which were large battleships. "America's mightiest warships were in flames."(Tarshis 2) About 3,500 military men and 103 civilians were killed.


How does Evidence not seen relate to the bombings at Pearl Harbor?When Daralene and her husband were imprisoned, they heard about the bombing at Pearl Harbor and realized the war that's going on around them. One of the reasons why the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor is because they wanted more naval strength.

Bombing of Pearl Harbor

"Pearl Harbor never dies, and no living person has seen the end of it."(Prange, Goldstein, Dillon 739)

Daralene Dibler Rose was imprisoned from the beginning of WWII. Everything she endured in these camps caused her to blame God, which lead to her losing her faith. "Darlene and Jerry stayed in New Guinea until 1978, when their station, Nondugl, was expropriated by the newly independent nation of Papua New Guinea." (Rose 223)

Evidence not SeenbY: Caitlyn Wharton and Nicole Utterdyke


"Saturday December 6, 1941, was just another welcome break in routine for workers and schoolchildren." (Dillon, Goldstein, Prange 3) The bombing of Pearl Harbor took place On December 7, 1941 at 7:53 a.m. The bombing lasted for about two hours.




December 7, 1941- the bombing of Pearl Harbor December 8, 1941- declaration of war on Japan

"At that moment we were just standing there, frozen, wondering, 'Who are these strange airplanes gliding by?'"(Limon 7)


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