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Social Studies

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ClimateIn Bolivia, the climate is cold and dry in the west. The weather is wet, and hot in the forested lowlands which are in the east and northeast.

RecreationWe play soccer, basketball, volleyball, and swim and do gymnastics. We also enjoy watching T.V. and attenting festivals where we sing and dance. With our families we love to go on vactations.

Personal AppearenceYour clothing depends on where you live and your social class. Urbans usually wear western-style clothing. During the cooler months, we wear wool hats which are called "chullos", sweaters, coats, and scarves. For me, my clothes are neat for school, but athletic for leisure time.

General AttitudesPeople in Bolivia are pleasure lovers. Our events are held late in the day and we aren't expected to be on time. We admire honesty and hate disagreements.

GreetingsWe typically greet one another with a handshake or a "Good morning!" and "How are you?" Women who are close friends hug, hanshake, pat eachother two to three times on the shoulder, and shake hands one last time.

SocietyCurrently our president is Evo Morales and our currency is the Boliviano (BOB). One US dollar is worth 6.7325 BOB. People usually work in agriculture, mining, and food production. My parents have a job in agriculture.

Food- milk products- chicken (most common meat) -starches: yucca, corn potatoes-soups with peanuts-meat pies

KidsWe help with lots of work. Kids plow the fields preparig for harvest, care for farm animals, collect firewood for cooking, bathing, and drinking, and sometimes get jobs as shoe shiners.

ExplorersFrancisco Pizarro was born in Trujillo, Spain and explored Bolivia with Spanish Conquestadors. He was an explorer from 1509 to 1541 and founed the capital Lima.

Capital and PopulationMy name is Amy and I live in Bolivia. The capital of my country is La Paz. The population in my country is est. 10,800,882.


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