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Cacho, as well as other folk games are supposedly becoming outdated, some keep the traditional game alive by initiating a game of cacho at parties or with their friends and family. The origin of the Cacho game, originally called Alalay, is not very clear. It is a traditional game that is practiced by both young and old alike. To play cacho, you need five dice and a special cup (made out of thick leather). This game tests the players’ luck and wit. There are different forms and versions of cacho, for example: the General, Alalay, Throw with a twist, Triplet, the Witch, etc. Over the years game rules have been created and even championships have taken place allowing the enthusiasts to show their abilities at this game.

Basic Facts -Country: Bolivia -Capital: La Paz y Sucre - Languages: Spanish, Aymara, Quechua, and Guaraní- Population: About 10 million- Location: South America - Currency: Boliviano


The countries Flag

A word of mouth Bolivian legend, from the 19th century, in which concerns a deaf boy who left his abusive home and found a stray dog that accompanied him while living on the streets. After a long time of living on the streets he discovers that he has a special talent of perceiving people's troubles, which he can heal by screaming. His screaming is said to be as loud as an earthquake and a tornado. One day, the boy finds an old man who is being stoned by villagers while being taunted and ridiculed. By screaming, the boy resolves the situation and revives the old man's heart (in the video, the boy buys a new heart for the man). Together, they meet a disfigured man who was abused, considered a leper by society. The disfigured man reveals that he is a prophet who was cursed by a demon (El Tio) because he didn't worship him, and abandoned the society where the demon resided. The prophet said anybody who could hear the demon would fall under his control. He told them the demon could be found in desert, where there once was a town in which people worshipped the demon and he cursed them to kill themselves. Together they go to the place where the demon should reside. They arrive at a mine where the demon is supposed to be, but anybody who enters, could be cursed after hearing the demon speak. And so the boy alone could goes into the mine to meet the demon and over voice him with his scream to stop him from cursing others.

This is woman's traditional clothing.

Map of Bolivia

No other sport in Bolivia can compare to soccer!

Most dances are revolved around the native and mediterranean culture such as the palla-palla and loco palla-palla

Music as well as dance is also revolving around the native culture and African culture imported to bolivia with slavery.

Bolivian food comes from the cultural backgrounds which means the food comes from a mixture of Spanish and Native Flavors.

Interesting facts!An interestign fact about Bolivia is that it is the only Country in South America with 2 Capital Cities.


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