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Social Studies

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Bolivia is equal in size to California and Texas combined. Brazil forms its eastern border; its other neighbors are Peru and Chile on the west and Argentina and Paraguay on the south.

~Historic Facts~ ~Bolivia is divided into four major eras: Ancient History, the Colonial Era, the Post Colonial Era, and Recent History. ~Bolivia is located in South America.~Bolivia is named after Simon Bolivar, a leader in the Spanish American Wars of Independence.


~ This is Bolivia's flag.~

(Above) This is the LDS temple in Chochabamba, Bolivia. It was the first temple built in Bolivia. They celebrate Mormanism.

The national language of Bolivia is Spanish. Other languages spoken there are Altiplano, Plautdietsch, and Quechua.

This is Simon Bolivar.

( On the left)The Mayan people in Bolivia performed the cranial deformation. They used difficult methods to deform children's heads. They wanted to be different from others. ( On the right) The national flower of Bolivia is the Kantuta flower.

This is the map of Bolivia.

Surprisingly, Bolivia has two capitol cities. They are Sucre and La Paz.


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