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Social Studies

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BoliviaBy: Jennifer Crowell&Matt Magalis

The Two Capitals


GovermentBolivia is aPresidential Republic. Which means that it is a republic not a dictatorship. The head of the goverment is EvoMorales.


Color MeaningsRed: Brave SoldiersYellow: Mineral DepositesGreen: Fertility

Typical food

SalteñasSavory pastries filled with beef, pork or chicken mixed in a sweet, slightly spicy or very spicy sauce, and sometimes also containing peas, potatoes and other ingredients

Major Holidays-Carnival De Oruro-New Years Day-Christmas-Labor Day-All Saints Day-Good Friday-All Saints Day

HistoryThe Andean region has been inhabited for 20,000 years. Beginning about the 2d century B.C., the Tiwanakan culture developed at the southern end of Lake Titicaca. This culture, is centered around and named for the great city of Tiwanaku, developed advanced architectural and agricultural techniques before it disappeared around 1200 A.D., due to extended drought. The Moxos in the eastern lowlands and the Mollos north of present-day La Paz also developed advanced agricultural societies that had dissipated by the 13th century of our era. In about 1450, the Quechua-speaking Incas entered the area of modern highland Bolivia and added it to their empire. They controlled the area until the Spanish conquest in 1525.

National Anthem

Traditonal Clothing

Famouse People-María Luisa Pacheco(painter)-Jaime Escalante(educator)-Alfredo Da Silva(Photographer)-Marina Núñez del Prado(Sculptor)

-Castillian: A romance language that originated in the Castile.-Virgen de Copacabana: The patron saint of Bolivia.-Natural Gas: Animportant source for electricity and heating.-Archaeology: The study of human activity in the past



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