Bok Choy

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Bok Choy

bok choy

vincent sodano

3 vitamins that are in bok choy vitamin A good for heart health. Vitamin C you need it on a daily diet. calcium you need because it makes your theeth bones and hair nice and strong.

thsi is bok choy being grown

bok choy is being prepared for a meal press it for a video

this is one way that bok choy can be prepared is to fry it in a pan

bok choy is grown in Australia. it is grown in cool wheather the best time to grow it is in the spring or in the fall.

two different type of bok choy one has a white stem and an oher has a green stem

interesting facts bok choy is in a lot of chinese food its nickname is white cabbage. it was interduced to britian in the 1800.


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