Boettcher, Charles Boettcher

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Boettcher, Charles Boettcher

This is about Charles Boettcher and he lived from 1852 to 1948 in Colleda Germany.He was famous for making the Great Western Sugar Company and the Ideal Cement Company.In this Glogster,you will learn about his life and how he got the idea of making the company's.

When he was in high school he was sent to live with his brother,Herman at age 17.He started as a poor man.But he was soon working with his brother and his job was to give supplies to miners.He soon went out and got his own store.His store was the same as his brothers.But his slogan was: "Hard Goods.Hardware.Hard Cash."He then got married to Fannie Augusta Cowan in 1874.

Charles Boettcher1852- 1948

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Charles Boettcher died at age 96 in 1948.He was buried in Fairmont Cemetery

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He then the first cement and sugar company and then divorced Fannie and is yougest son Charles Jr. and was let go for a 60,000 dollar ransom.I then gave my money away to high school and college kids.For the rest of my life I lived in my hotel.


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