Body Image

by alexasavage
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Body Image

I was so uniqueNow I feel skin deepI count on the make-up to cover it allCrying myself to sleep cause I cannot keep their attentionI thought I could be strongBut it's killing me

The world is constantly tell us we're far from perfect, and until we achive perfection we can't be beautiful. At a young age we are have the idea of body image thrust upon us. that idea comes in the form of Barbie. She's tall, blond, thin, and has gorgeous features. She's also fake. We obsess over trying to look just like her by starving ourselves, and attempts to cover "imperfections". Being perfect eventually becomes an addiction for many people. They'll stop at nothing to be considered "pretty". To me skin and bones doesn't define beauty, originality does.

Sometimes I wish I was someone other than meFighting to make the mirror happyTrying to find whatever is missingWon't you help me back to glory

Note to self:you will never be perfect..and you will never be do list:*stop eating, start starving.

Dont ever let nobody break you down girl, Dont let nobody tear your world apart. Look in the mirror and see who you are. Beautiful U R


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