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Body Image

Facts about Media's of Body Image- Growing numbers of young women risk their health, and life, trying to imitate the body images presented by the media. The wrong media messages also can harm mental self image and self esteem.- Eating disorders and excessive dieting may be caused from unhealthy attempts to live up to inappropriate, underwieght body images.

Facts about Peers Influence-Young teens are unhappy with their body image, and are feeling under pressure to look good for other people and with their peers.-peers are found to be one of the big pressures young girls and boys seem to have as to fit in with them.-boys and girls both are bullied,adused and are insulted by peers because of their body image and because of the body image concerns boys and girls are struggling for eating disorder and to take part in other activities like swimming and sports.

Media's Idea of a Female's Body Image Image

Facts about Media's Body Image- Media play a large, and often negative , role in shaping young teenager's ideas about how they should look, including television and music (radio and recordings) video's and movie's, computer's, print media, and video games.- The physical images represented in media programing and advertising can be unhealthy and difficult, if not impossible, for most teenager's to achieve.

Media's Effect of Body ImageBy: Jishu and Tina

Media's Idea of a Male Body Image

How to Deal with These Ideas-we could ask for our gaurdians or parents to help you, rather than dealing with it ourselfs.- we could try to find inspiration within ourself and just accept your self as who you are.-love your body the way it is, feed it well, move it just enough, and start appreciating it and stop stressing out because nobody is perfect.


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