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Body Image

The media can be a negative influence on boys or men, and one of them is weight issues. Boys usually want a buff and muscly body to look good and attract girls, but 50% of boys are not buff or muscly and worry about their body image. Boys who are large or overweight get bullied and could lead to depression or in serious cases suicide.

There are a few bad things about media influences to girls and their bodies. Many media sources show skinny or anorexic models. Majority of girls love to have the perfect body; skinny and curvy. Girls look at their bodies and make themselves believe its not perfect like the models in the media. They force themselves not to eat and starve and to exercise, which isn't good for your health. This could lead to severe problems such as anorexia or bulimia.

Media influencesThe media influences many girls around the world and has its positive and negative points. One of the major good points is that it encourages girls to better health. For example, in the magazine "Dolly" there are many recipes for a better diet and tips for staying fit.

B o d y i m a g e

By Maya Njegovan

Female body image

Male body image

Media influencesBoys are influenced by the media too. A positive thing for guys is love. Many media sources have information about love such as sex, looking good etc. One of the tips for this is body image. They show exercises and diets to help promote a healthy body image.

This famous ad, viewed by many targets people with anorexia or people that want to help.

This ad shows a girl looking at the mirror and shows her disliking her look. The camera zooms out and shows that she is anorexic. This ad expresses how girls see themselves as fat and ugly.

Love yourself ~ !


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