Body Image & Self-Esteem

by lawrensh
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Body Image & Self-Esteem

Includes how you feel about your own physical appearance.

Body Image

Includes your attitude about yourself - how happy you are with the type of person you are. It aslo includes your confidence level in your own abilities and how you compare yourself to others.

Teens who have high self-esteem often have the confidence to achieve their full potential.


Young people's No. 1 worry is body image, especially as they get older.(Mission Australia, 2008. Base: 45,558 people aged 12-24)

While only 19% of teenage girls are 'overweight'; 67% think they 'need to lose weight'.(UK Teen Body Image Survey, Jan 2004, Bliss Magazine)

Teens who have low self-esteem may feel helpless and not in charge of their own lives. They may also feel resentment and blame others.

Who says who is beautiful?

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