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Bode Miller

Bode Miller is a wonderful person he has a wife who plays volley ball in the pro league. He has a son and has had a few other kids but did not win cusody over them. He always loves to win us gold or any kind of medals. He was not so satisfied when he got the the bronze metal this year he started to cry but we all cry once in our life and he had a bad race. MEDAL COUNT2005 GOLD MEDAL2003 GOLD MEDAL2014 BRONZE MEDAL2002 SILVER MEDAL


Birthday: October 12Born: 1977 in New HampshireStarted skiing competitively in 1995.

Bode Miller has accomplished a lot in his ages he has won many world cups and has won us a gold,silver,and bronze medals in the olympics for alpine sking. He has been dumped or divorced sevral times and still can not seem to have a wife longer than two years. Even though his personal life had some struggles, he was more successful than most in his career with championship accomplishments.

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He has skied his hardest to win the almighty - Olympic Gold NH Athletic Hero





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