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Bode Miller Glog

Bode Miller was born on October 12, 1977 in Easton, New Hampshire. He lived in a family's built backwood cabin with no electricity or plumbing. He was homeschooled until the third grade by his mom Joanne Kenney Miller. His mother's parents owned the Tamarak tennis camp and Bode has been playing tennis and soccer all his young ages. Bode has a older sister named Kyla Miller, his dad Woddy Miller and a younger sister Gensis Wren Bungo Windrushing Turtleheart which her nickname Wren Miller.


1998-Disqualified in men's giant slalom and did not finish in in men's regular slalom2002-Silver in men's giant slalom and silver in in men's combined and last 24th in men's slalom2006-6th in men's giant slalom, 5th in in men's downhill, did not finish in slalom or super G and was disqualified in in men's combined2010-Gold in men's combined, silver in super G, bronze in men's downhill and did not finish in slalom or giant slalom2014-6th in men's combined,8th in men's downhill, 20th in giant slalom and bronze in men's super G

Bode Miller's family has changed constantly. Miller's first wife Chanel Johnson and bode also had his first child, a girl, named Nessyn Dacey. Then Bode had a divorce and his next girlfriend Sarah McKenna.Well, he was with her he slso had his first boy Samuel Bode Miller McKenna. In 2012, Miller annouced his engagment to a proffesinol beach volley ball player, Morgan Beck. And they married on October 7, 2012.


Bode Miller is an olympic skier, a dad, and a hero. Bode made an amazing impact on New Hampshire about how he grew up and went to school, how he trained and won his awards and how his family changed through the years.

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