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What did I do to you?

Range:They live in the tall grass, rock piles, and canopy of North America. Also some wander to Mexico from the southern states or Canada from the northern states.

Diet:The bobcat's diet consists of mainly rabbits and hares, rodents, birds, bats, and even young deer in the winter. Also they eat lamb,poultry, and young pigs when a ranch is near. Bobcats are excellent solitary hunters.

My habitat

Physical features*Height is 17-23 inches* Length is 25-41 inches and weighs up to 28 lbs. *Long legs, soft gray coat with spots and bars, a high heel, and a stubby tail

Anthony D'Agosto

Problems:Men started to hunt for this animal making them endangered. They wanted the soft furs for money and also for the sport of it. Also farmers shot them for killing their livestock. Starting in the 1950's, dead bobcats were found, ranover and skinned started the problem.

What are people doing to help? *2004- Defenders partnered with the Environmental Protection and the Divison of Fish and Wildlife to track, capture, and tag the cats tracing where they go and who is attacking them *Many groups tried this and since 1975 it has been a law to have a permit to hunt these cats

What does the future hold?It all depends. It depends on nature and certainly us. If men stop hunting and endangering this animal, the bobcat will thrive in remaking it's population. On the other hand if more people move in to its habitat, it will limit their range eventually smaller and smaller until it is pushed to its unnatural habitat leading to death. We are the controlllers.

What can you do?There are many websities in which you can adopt a bobcat, visit them, get involved with the species such as writing letters to the government or teaching others about the problems, and raising money for them. Every bit of help counts. Also you can go on to have the ability to do some of these great things.


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