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DIETThe bobcat mainly preys upon the desert hare, small lizards, rodents, snakes, birds,carrion, and sometimes deer.

HABITATThe bobcat can be found through out all of north America including Canada, one of these areas is the Sonoran desert located in the state Arizona. With the bobcat's amazing ability to adapt to it's enviroment it is able to claim the rough and harsh enviroment Arizona, Sonoran desert home.

AdaptationsThe bobcat has adaptations to help it survive the desert. one of these adaptations is dense and course fur to help protect it fom the sun above/ along with still being able to trap cool air in it's coat to regulate it's body temperature. One more adaption is it's coat color which is an tan, grey, with black spots to help it blend in to it's desert area.

The bobcat has amzing eye sight and have perfect vision for the night period.

Uses same hunting strategy as the mountain lion.

Coat color can rang from a great different varties of orange, brown, tan and grey-sh with black spots.

Bobcats can be easily spotted by the tufts of fur coming out the side of their faces.

KITTENSBobcat females can only give birth to thee amount of 6 kittens at a time. Kittens are born during the early months of spring and late winter. All bobcat kittens are born blind and then open them at 10 days time, and leave their mothers at 10 months old.



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