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Bobby Orr


By: Samantha Polin

"The simple truth is that hockey binds those who play it in ways that are almost indescribable" -Bobby Orr (25)


3. He grew up fishing with his dad every chance they got. He was very close with his dad.

"...It wasn't really just my goal, and it wasn't really just my celebration, either" (Orr 4).

1. Bobby Orr grew up in Parry Sound, Ontario Canada, a tight knitt community.

8. Joined the Oshwa Generals when he was 14 and had to leave home. In that league, he had to play with grown men. He ended up giving some of his childhood up as a result

7. He played hockey every chance he got, he loved playing as a kid, and played with up to twenty kids at a time on the ice.

4. His parents, Doug and Arva Orr, were supporters of Bobby Orr, his dad spent a lot of his time suppporting Bobby's hockey career. Which led to sacrifices being made by his dad and his siblings.

5. His family had little money, they coud not even heat their whole house.

9. Signed with the Bruins at age 18 and played right away with them for about 10 years, during which he made some memorable moments.

6. He had to rely on coaches and friends to drive him places because his parents could not always do it.

2. Bobby Orr was the middle child out of five.

10. Bobby Orr experienced severe knee injuries throughout his entire career

1. Hardwork; "But on the whole, if you play the game right, you'll get the results you are looking for (Orr 5).


4. Appreciation; Always give credit where credit is deserved and to appreciate those who got you to where you are today.

5. Responsibility; Never let anyone else take care of your finances, always take care of it yourself and take responsibility.

3. Passion; "Passion is a key word for any athlete regardless of the sport" (Orr 79).

2. Respect for others; "I am not particularly comftorable talking or writing at length about other people in a negative way... we learned that you don't throw someone under the bus" ( Orr 6).


1. Scouted by the Bruins around age 12, and drafted into the Boston Bruins at age 18 2. Scored the game-winning goal to win the Stanley Cup in 1970. His first of two Stanley Cups, along with 18 individual awards3. Became a father of two boys and grandparent


1. Experienced severe poverty as a child2. Trying to balance time with their dad, due to hockey3. Leaving home at age 14, and playing with older more intense men; while he was alone4. Serious knee (left) problems. He had so many injuries and cartilage removed as a result, that he could barely even walk in his 30s5. On November 8th, 1979 he had to retire from the NHL at age 30; now there are players in the NHL that are playing in their 40s6. Alan Eagleson- he was Bobby Orr's agent and friend before he betrayed his trust and left him broke after retirement7. Eagleson lied to Orr about what contract the Bruins had offered him, resulting in him sigining with Chicago. However, his heart was still in Boston8. He did not have a lot of money after retirement and had to find a new career with little education9. Ended up regretting the lack of time spent with his sons, he wished he was there for them more.10. Lost his health, career, place in the game, and friends(like Eagleson) throughout his life.

"Losing is a wrenching disappointment, but watching and wishing you could contribute is a special kind of agony" (Orr 179).

"I say we were proud of the way we won as we were the fact that we won" (Orr 37).


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