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Bob Marley

Bob Marley

Bob Marley, A.K.A Nesta Robert Marley, was born in St. Ann Parish, Jamaica

Arriving in Kingston in the late 1950s, Marley lived in Trench Town, one of the city's poorest neighborhoods. He struggled in poverty, but he found inspiration in the music around him.

Also in 1978, Marley returned to Jamaica to perform his One Love Peace Concert, where he got Prime Minister Michael Manley of the PNP and opposition leader Edward Seaga of the JLP to shake hands on stage. That same year, Marley made his first trip to Africa, and visited Kenya and Ethiopia—an especially important nation to him, as it's viewed as the spiritual homeland of Rastafarians

Marleys group became quite popular in Jamaica, but they had difficulty making it financially. Marley went to the United States. Before he left, he married Rita Anderson on February 10, 1966.

Marley had a health scare in 1977, he got treatment in July of that year on a toe he had injured earlier that year. After discovering cancerous cells in his toe, doctors suggested amputation. Marley refused to have the surgery.

Traveling to Europe, Bob Marley underwent treatment in Germany. It soon became clear that Marley didn't have much longer to live. Sadly, he would not manage to complete the journey, dying in Miami, Florida, on May 11, 1981.


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