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Birth.This was the start of a legend

Wailers form. They were called the Wailers because all the people crying out for help. Formed of Peter Tosh, bunny livingston, and Bob Marley

"Simmer down" hits the charts. This was the beggining of the wailers carrer.

Marries Rita Anderson. This was important because this starts his family life.

Tosh and Livingston leave the Wailers. This was important because this was the start of Bob marley's solo career.

Exodus released; Doctors diagnose him with Melanoma in his right toe. This was Marley's greatest selling record and also marked "the beggining of the end"

Bob plays at the Smile Jamaica concert in Kingston, Jamaica. This was one of the most importnant events in his life because just days earlier he was shot because he was going to play at the concert. This showed his love for the people and his love for the music.

His wife, Rita Anderson, was important to him because she stuck with him and inspired him through his hard times. She was also part of the "I Threes"

His mother, Cedella Malcolm, was important to him because she encouraged him to be whatever he wanted to be.


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