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Bob Hope

Bob Hope

"Don't tempt me, I can't resist anything but temptation. " -Bob Hope

How the person influenced change?

Civil and political participation are important because they highlight what the people want. Without Civil and political participation the people do not have a voice. If people do not express civil and political participation than the government will run the country which surrender the rights of the people. A nation without knowledge is the most dangerous kind. If the people become uninformed and just let "Big Brother" take care of things than we as Americans have given up on what our founding fathers, troops, and other great people who have died in order for us to be to have equal opportunity and the right to a voice in what happens in this great nation.

Why civic and political participation is important?

What issues or events motivated the person to action?

How society is different because of the person's work?

Why the person deserves a national holiday?

Bob Hope deserves a national holiday because of his donation of time to visit the troops. If it hadn't of been for Bob Hope the USO would not be the way it is today. In fact, the troops may not have the privilege of having a USO. The USO helps to distract the troops from all the madness of war. I can say from a personal perspective that the USO makes a very big difference. Many people in the United States do not understand the full sacrifice a soldier and their family makes. For instance, a soldier overseas can be away for the holidays and not have the luxury of seeing their families. The USO helps to distract from the pain of having a lonely holiday.

How you and others living today benefit from his or her efforts?

Bob Hope influenced change through action. Hope always believed everyone deserves a laugh. Hope was a huge contributor to the USO. By going overseas to perform for the troops he created and environment for the troops to escape the war for a little bit of time. Hope helped to make the USO the way it is today. Without his involvement with the USO the troops may not have the opportunity of its privileges today.

Bob Hope was a huge supporter of the troops. He knew that the troops would not be able to return home for a long period of time so he wanted to bring a little bit of home to them. At a young age Hope, loved to make people laugh. Moving from England with his parents and six brothers the US, Hope and his family had very little money. Hope, his brothers, and father worked two or more jobs at a time struggling to make ends meet. Hope's mother was a singer back in England and hope's father wanted to get her a piano. Hope's father, brothers, and him worked and saved up the money to surprise their mother with a piano one year. Hope's upbringing helped to make him humble and giving; this helped him to be a more charitable person and want to visit the troops.

Society is different because of Bob Hope because, he revolutionized the way the USO works. If it hadn't of been for Bob Hope the rates of depressed or mentally ill soldiers may have increased, It may seem like nothing to have someone perform for the troops; however, it makes a huge difference. Instead of the soldier being stuck in the moments of war he/she is now laughing and out of the war for a bit of time. Bob Hope helped not only keep the spirts of the troops up, but also gain the support of more US citizens to support the troops. Without Bob Hope the troops may have felt more alone and by themselves.

People in today’s society definitely benefit from the acts of Bob Hope. Hope allowed a time for people to just let go. For a moment, people were allowed to be human. This was especially true for the troops. Instead of being treated as robots and jus dealing with their surrounding the troops were allowed to laugh and be human. The USO is forever changed because of Hope. Without him there would not be as many, or if any people coming to see the troops. This leaves the troops in a stressful, state of mind and may lead to mental illnesses down the road.

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