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Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan



Bob Dylan helped make a change for the better with his peaceful songs. He inspired many across the world and informed then about the problems the world was facing in the 1960s. His songs were used for many protests and rallies. His song "Blowin' in the Wind" wsa perfomed by Peter, Paul and Mary just minutes before Martin Luther King gave his "I have a Dream Speech". His protest songs are still played today.

Music of Change

"The Times They are a Changing

Peter, Paul and Mary sing Dylan's "Blowin'in the Wind" at the March on Washington

Making a Change Through Music

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-Dylan has currently written over 300 songs-He has 29 gold Albums-13 platinum albums-Won eight career Grammys-Won an Academy Award-Won a Golden Globe for "Things Have Changed"-In 1988 had introduction into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.-Has released 44 albums to date

First Album: "Bob Dylan" - 1962

Fun Facts

-Birth name is Robert Allen Zimmerman-At age 10 he taught himself how to play piano, guitar and harmonica-Only went to one year of college-Got signed to a record label at age 19-After a while Dylan stopped doing protest songs and changed to rock.-Almost died in a motorcycle crash-He was married multiple times but on his final marriage he had 5 kids.


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