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Boardmaker seems to be a very helpful site. It is great for universal design. I feel like it would be very helpful for any student, not just those with an IEP. I would probably use this in my classroom.

Boardmaker Online

Boardmaker is an online source that allows a board to be made to help create a personalized IEP for students. The board gives access to the student, different eachers, and other district leaders who are involved in helping the student with their IEP. You are able to track progress, create assignments and activities. Universal design is supported as well.

The site is simple to use, and very helpful. You are able to do the activities online or print them directly from the site.The pricing for Boardmaker is affordable, if it is going to be used. For one teacher with multiple students it is $199 a year. The best package is for the district, but you must contact the compant for a quote. I give this site an A.

Would I use It?

Teachers who use Boardmaker love it. The features are excellent, and do what they teachers want. They can set up group projects, or solo, and give individual feedback. It is effective because it is very easily accessible. It can be accessed from any computer. Students are able to log on and do their homework. It incorporates technology.

Quality and Effetiveness

This would be very suitible for students who enjoy technoloy, or do not do well with a traditional classroom. It allows teachers to be very creative in creating assignment and projects.


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