Board Math - Preview/Review

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Board Math - Preview/Review

by Kimberly Baugh

* Students must have frequent opportunities to practice and must also have repeated exposure to all the standards.*A study on memory and textbook materials ("The Forgetting Curve") compared the percentage of material remembered after different intervals of time. The results were:# of Days % Remembered 1 54 7 35 14 21 21 19 28 18 63 17* Schools that have used this strategy are experiencing marked success in increasing the numbers of students who are proficient in Mathematics.* Coalinga Elementary Schools saw a huge jump in student profiency in 2010-11 when Board Math was consistently and effectively implemented. The API score went up 71 points, and the AYP went from 52.3 to 66.5, allowing the school to earn the "Highest Growth for Academic Performance in the District" for that year.

* Dedicated white board space divided into domains* Each strand contains rigorous problems that align with the grade level standards* Problems are changed regularlyDIFFERENT IN CCSS:* Less problems* Done in stages* Same problem, solved multiple ways.

Why ?


* Strive for whole group, high participation* Phrase questions in a way to generate chorale responses * Pacing should move swiftly, in part to sustain high engagement and involvement* Use oral, visual and kinesthetic activities to advance student performance.* Success is built by repetition...create DAILY exposure.* Total duration limited to about 20 minutes.

Resources for Question/Problem Stems:* Smarter Balanced Assessm. Consortium (SBAC)* CCSS Question Stems K-6 (resource manual, section 4)* Go Math materials** edutopia* learnzillion*** The Teaching Channel***



* Board Math is a standards-based preview & review strategy that uses whole class choral response to do daily math problems covering the content in each of the math strands delineated in the content standards.* It is used as a strategy to strengthen our use of the adopted math program, not to supplant it.* It is a quick paced activity requiring approximately 20 minutes daily that spreads skill practice over an entire year.* It is done as a group using choral response.* It spirals standards so that students are exposed to all the math strands of the standards daily.ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS:* PREVIEW/REVIEW of GRADE LEVEL Standards* CHORAL Response* QUICK Paced* RIGOROUS Problems* DAILY * DATA DRIVEN

Important to Remember

BoardMath - Preview/Review


VOCABULARY CARDSAcademic vocab. needs to be purposefully developed.*Use aural, oral, and motor activities to advance the students' recall of the meaning of math concepts.*The average person needs 28 repetitions to transfer knowledge to long term memory. So, do the Math vocab. cards throughout the day. *They can be integrated into Board Math lessons, a filler, transition tool, or a way to take a quick break in the middle of along activity to reset a student's attention span.HOW TO IMPLEMENT:*Select words specific to the grade level. Each math vocab. card has the vocab. word on one side and the definition, with hand signals, on the back.~Select a card~Teach the new word~Hold up the card and say the word "card" to signal the students to begin. Students chant the word and the definition with the hand movements.~Teach 2-3 new words a week.~At each session, do today's word first and model it with the students. Shuffle the cards previously learned and go as far through the stack as you can in the time alotted.


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