BMX Biking

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BMX Biking

BMX Biking

BMX Bikers have the choice to either do racing or freestyle.

RacingYou will race against other bikers. Your enviorment will be in forests, or desert terrains.

FreestyleFreestyle BMX Bikers will perform stunts and tricks. Flips, Twists, Turns, Wild.

Gear is needed in this sport. It will prepare you for fall damage and inguries.

My Question on BMX Biking is What may be some of the extreme stunts they do? If so, how and where would you prepare and/or practice them?

To answer the first part of the quesstion, flips, sprints, bumps, jumps, and other tricks when you're on flat ground

To answer the second part,you practice them in speacial gyms designed for BMX, althoughmany people practice them on the street.

Bikes are designed specially for this sport so they can ride better and smoother on different terrains.


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