Blumkin Sec.2 Apollo 11

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Blumkin Sec.2 Apollo 11

Apollo 11 was not just completed by 3 astronauts, there were many people behind the scenes that helped with the launch, landing, and descent. Not to mention the vigorous work to create the lunar module for Apollo 11 from scratch.


Apollo 11: The first landing on the moon.

" All you can see are the three of us, but beneath the surface are thousands and thousands of others."

Team Moon

"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"

Another problem was the unknown environment on the moon. People didn’t know if the pictures brought back from the moon, when developed, would have any deadly viruses or bacteria. Even though there were no moon bugs, workers had to come up with a debugging process to clean the pictures.


Within the last 22 miles in its advancement towards the moon, alarms started go off in the lunar module. Everyone on the module and in Houston was scrambling to figure out whether these alarms meant that the mission must be aborted or not. These types of alarms didn’t usually go off during flights.

- Neil Armstrong

-Michael Collins

The Landing

Moon Bugs

Catherine Thimmesh

Apollo 11 Module


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Take Off: July 16, 1969Landing on Moon: July 20, 1969Landing on Earth: July 24, 1969

Not Just Three Astonauts:

From left: Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin.

The last challenge was when the module entered Earth’s atmosphere. There were chutes in the module that would slow it down, but they may not deploy correctly. That is why there were 3 chutes, instead of the mandatory 2, just in case there was a problem. Although the procedure was hard to pull off, all went smoothly, and the astronauts were brought back to Houston after landing 906 miles away from Pearl Harbor. The whole journey took 8 days, and the module traveled half a million miles.


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