Bluebonnet at East Texas Oil Museum

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Bluebonnet at East Texas Oil Museum

Mary Brooke CasadMary Brooke Casad has written a series of books about an armadillo named Bluebonnet, detailing Bluebonnet's travels around Texas.

The East Texas Oil Field was the largest oil field in the world at the time of its discovery. In fact, the six largest known fields in existence in 1930 could all be placed within the perimeter of the East Texas Giant.

The Great East Texas Oil Boom

The easy-going rural life of East Texas changed drastically with the discovery of oil during 1930 and 1931, when hardship, scorn, luck, and wealth brought people, ideas, institutions and national attention to East Texas.

This story allows young children to learn about their states history. Since our students are from Texas and most likely know someone who works in the oil field they will be able to relate to it and have a greater interest. This particular story is about an armadillo named Bluebonnet who travels to Kilgore Texas, the home of one of the largest oil fields in the world. She meets up with her four nephews who take her to the towns local oil field museum. This museum is very neat and has different towns of East Texas set up as they were in 1930s and even a theatre that shows you what actually went on during this time. Bluebonnet learned alot in this museum and enjoyed the time with her nephews.

Bluebonnet at the East Texas Oil Museum

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