Bluebirds in WWI

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Social Studies
World War I

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Bluebirds in WWI

Bluebirds in WWI

This is a picture of the Bluebirds. This was taken before they went off overseas in WWI

These are the uniforms the nurses would wear. This is where they got the name bluebirds because the uniforms were blue

This is medical badget from a nurse that served in WWI

Bluebirds experienced the horror of war first hand. They saw things from blown up faces to missing limbs.

Polling stations where women can vote

What WWI did for women

This is a poster trying to get women to serve overseas in WWI

This is the serving station where the nursing sisters would take care of the soldiers who needed it. Some nurses would lose their lives because some countries would bomb them

One of only few statues that Honour women who served their country in WW1


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