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Social Studies

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Blue Your Name

Hinduismby: Mrs. Pincus

-India's first major religion-follows the dharma philosophy (law, obligation and duty)-uses the scared text, Ramayana

-cycle of rebirth: birth, death, and rebirth-cycle only escaped by following beliefs of Hindiuism-believed karma could be balanced by good actions

-ancient religion; began before recorded history-influenced by Aryans of 2000 BC-early Hindu called Vedism; named for sacred text, Vedas-dictated Indian way of life, beliefs, social structure

History of Hinduism

Hindu Philosophy

-Hindu social class was based on four main classes in the caste system-Brahmins: priests and religious scholars-Kshatriyas: rulers and warriors-Vaishyas: herders and merchants-Shudras: servants-eventually, a fifth class was added- untouchables: considered lowly or "dirty" based on jobs or way of life


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Caste System

Divali means "row of lamps." The lamps symbolize good (light) winning over evil (dark). The lamps symbolize Rama's win over the evil Ramana and the beginning of the Hindu New Year.

What is the Divali festival?

Braham is the Hindu name for the supreme power or deity that is the greatest of all deites. Hindus believe Brahman exists forever and is everywhere.

Who or what is Brahman?

Ramayana is the story of Rama's fight with the demon Ravana.

What is one of the most famous stories about heroic deities fighting evil?

It also tells some of Hinduism's basic beliefs but does this in an entertaining way that makes learning easier for children.

What other beliefs are included in the Ramayana?


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