Blue Whales

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Blue Whales

Blue whales

Blue Whales are huge!

The blue whale is 31 meters or 100 feet. The Blue whale is 200 tons or 181 metric tons.

The Blue whale is the biggest animal on Earth!

The Blue whale is sort of like a blue gray color.It's skin is like a natural wet suit.The blue whale only eats krill. The Blue whale eats 40 million krill every day.

On a daily basis a Blue whale ends up weighing another 8,000 pounds.The Blue whales don't have teeth they have Baleen plates.

Blue whales communicate by singing.Blue whales live in the sunlight zone.

The Blue whales enemy or predator would be sharks and orcas or killer whales.

Sciencetists don't know if the Blue whale sleeps.

Blue whales live in the sunlight zone because they are mammals. All mammals have to breath air.The blue whale lives in the ocean.It is way to big to live in anything else.

The Blue whales reproduction system is very low. It makes 1 baby every 2-4 years.The baby Blue whale doesn't eat krill for its first 2 months.It drinks its mothers milk.The Blue whale moves by moving it's tail up and down,or it will dive into the water.

The Blue whale can live up to 40 years old.


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