Blue whale

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Blue whale

The coral triangle

BlueWhaleby Summer

Southern Chile

The Blue Whales appearance is smooth bluey-gray skin, the reason the Blue Whale has bluey-gray skin is because it camouflage. This majestic animal is 80-100 feet in length. The Blue Whale has been named after its skin.

Blue Whales scientific name is balaenopetera musculas, they live in the ocean and weigh 200000kilograms. This endangerd speices has a poplulation of 10,000 to 25,000 in the wild. They eat 400 kilograms of krill a day and are 80-100 feet in length.Blue Whales are the loudest and biggest animal in the world.

Gulf of California

Edges of the ice

The Blue Whales habitat is the ocean. The most common on earth to find Blue Whale’s are:Southern ChileGulf of CaliforniaThe Coral trianglethe North and South edges of the ice

The Blue Whale’s diet is only krill, this species consumes more than 400 kilograms of krill a day. Being the biggest animal on earth you would think it would eat something quite big, but no. Krill is only 1-2 cms long although the biggest species of krill is 11cms.

You would usually think that the Blue Whale has no predators, but you're wrong. The Blue Whales predators are, sharks, orca and humans. While its awful that sharks and orcas kill them, we are harpooning them.

As humans, we have a threatening impact on Blue Whales. We have became selfish and have started harpooning them for whale oil. This plays a big part in increasing their chance of becoming extinct


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