Blue Whale Olivia Scott

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Blue Whale Olivia Scott

the blue whale is 22 elephants long!

Blue Whale

MenuKrillKrillAnd more KrillBlue whales eat mostly krill

whales are warm blooded. Also it's circulatory system adjusts to conserve body heat.

the blue whales eyes are the size of grape fruits!

The blue whale weighs about 150 tons!(as shown below)

Whales eat masses of krill a day taking in tons of food and water.Whales keep krill from over- populating,becuase there are 90 species of krill and they can easily over populate.

"Thick Question"Q.)How do whales communicate?A.)The sounds they make that humans can hear are characterised by low grunts,humming and moans and clicks. The deep vibrations and sounds travel thousands of miles away to other whales.

Blue Whales travel alone, only if it does not have a child.

the blue whale's heart is the size of a small car.(like the one shown above)

Somtimes whales can mimmick human voices.

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They have flippers for swimming!

Have smooth and rubbery skin

Have HUGE eyes

They have a horizontal tail fluke

Bliue Whales live in all oceans!

Common Characteristics-Breathe air-Warm-blooded-Produce Mlik


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