Blue Nose Pitbull

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Blue Nose Pitbull

Species survival statusNot nessecarily extinttion, but there are people who feel strongly about putting down these aggresive dogs. Personally i feel that they just don't understand these animals.

Classificationmammalia:warm blooded vertabraes characterized by mammary glands in a female. Mammals: any animal with fur; like:humans,dogs, and cats. Order: carnivora; including: wolves,coyotes, and foxes,etc. Family:canidae; biological family of carnivorous & omnivorous mammals. Genus: canisSpecies: lupus Subspecies:familiary.

Anatomy/AppearanceThey have blue-gray skin, with their well-known blue-gray noses. As adults the have strong muscles. They have huge feet as puppies, and usually striking eyes.

Blue Nose PitbullBy:Alana Longsworth

Habitat/Rangepit-bull's can usually live anywhere, except in remotely hot places. They usually need open spaces or spaces with high fences.

Locomotion/specialMy animal can walk/run. Special: are very active/playful.

Diet mainly a healthful dog chow. But sometimes fruits and raw vegetables, peanut butter, and a variety of meats (cooked and without small bones).

AdaptationGiving open yet enclosed space lets them adapt to free space but giving them the appropriate limits.

Life cycle/reproductionBecause there mammals, dogs are born the same as humans, there'sa labor process, that includes:a sac that must be broken from around a pup. Next the umbilical cord must be cut. the pups don't open their eyes until sometime after. Lifespan:12-14 yrs#of offspring: 5-10 pups.

Behaviorcan be described as aggresive, if in the wrong hands.

Defense/offensethis animal only attacks an animal if it feels threatened.


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