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 blue morpho

Body parts: The Blue Morpho butterfly has 3 parts of it's body: a head, thorax, and abdomen. It is also one of the largest butterflies in the world, ranging 5-8 inches long!!

Blue Morpho Butterfly by: Tayah

Intersting Fact: Blue Morpho butterflies only live up to 115 days as an adult!

Habitat: It lives in the rainforest of the Amazon. It also lives on the Atlantic coast of Central and Southern America.

Respiration: They have special holes called spiracles, that let air into the traculal. This is all in the abdomen.

Special Adaptations: The Blue Morpho migrates south for the winter. They also have large markings on their wings to scare predators.

Repoduction: They lay eggs which then become caterpillars, then they go into a chrysalis (metamorphosis), then a butterfly.

Body Movement: The Blue Morpho butterfly has 2 wings and 2 forewings that are used to fly and are covered in tiny scales.

Food: The Blue Morpho eats fluids of rotting animals, fruit, and wet mud (ew!) through its proboscis.

Interesting Fact: Morpho butterflies don't like being disturbed, if you do they will let out a foul smelling fluid!