Blue Morpho Butterfly

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Blue Morpho Butterfly

Interesting fact!I have found that males use the bright blue wings to scare off other males!

These beautiul butterflies had a bright blue and black wings. On the black parts of the wings they have white dots. On the back side of the wings there is a dull brown color with dots that look like eyes. They black body also has white dots.

While studiying this animal I have found that they drink the juice of rotting fruit, dead animal fluids, sap of trees, fungi, and wet mud. When they are caterpillars they prefer to eat leaves in the pea family.

I found these butterflies in the trees of the South and Centeral America's Rainforest.

I have seen that these animals go through their life cycle in about 137 days. The pale green eggs hatch larvae that turn in caterpillars. After that the caterpillars eat and eat until they make a pretty cocoon. They live in that cocoon for about 6 weeks. Then they crawl out of that cocoon to become a beautiful butterfly.

Blue Morpho ButterflyBy: Alexandra Rozmarin

During my studies, I found that these butterflies have a few predators. Along with humans, the predators of this butterflies are big birds. Some examples of these birds are the jacamar and flycatcher.

The Blue Morpho Butterfly does in fact have predators, so they have to defend themselves some how! I have found that one way they make sure that they aren't the next meal of their predators is by outsmarting or tricking the predator. The Blue Morpho's wings are a bright blue on the inside, but are a dull brown on the outside. They also have white and lighter brown dots on it to represent a bigger predator's eyes. This is one way they stay alive. Another thing they do is when they are threatened by a predator, they release a strong smell from a gland that opens between their front legs. This scares off the predator.

These animals are very cool. One cool thing I have found out about the Blue Morpho Butterfly is that when threatened they release a strong smell from a gland that opens between their front legs. This is also one way they defend themselves against predators.


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