blue morpho butterfly

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blue morpho butterfly

Blue Morpho Body MovementBlue Morpho Butterflies flap their wings during a flight. Without wings butterflies could not travel.prezi

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Method of Respiration & Reproduction These butterflies breathe through tiny holes in their fracula.To reproduce they lay eggs, which become catterpillars. The caterpillars will form and chrysallis and become an adult. and rainforest animals

- They are among the largest butterfly in the world.- These butterflies are beautiful in the inside but...look at their outside wings.- The underside of the wings are brown to blend into the rainforest. This helps to protect them from prey.They live for 115 days!- They are almost an endangered species because their natural habitat is getting destroyed. - Their enemies are: Rainforest Insects, jaguars, Jacamar Birds, Fly Catcher Birds, humans and other butterflies.- The blue morpho wing span can get to 7 inches. prezi and wikipedia


HabitatBlue Morpho Butterflies live in tropical rainforests from Mexico to South America. They are usually on the floors of rainforests camoflauging them self! where do blue morpho butterflies live

Body DescriptionBlue Morpho Butterflies are black and blue. Some have white polka dots. They have symmetrical sides. They have a strip of brown around their wings and brown backs to their wings. wikipedia

Method of Feeding The Blue Morpho butterfly will generally eat rotting or fermenting fruit also tree sap, and wet mud , using its probisucus which is like a drinking straw. what do blue morpho butterflies eat?


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