Blue Jacket

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Blue Jacket

Dhenu Patel2nd period

Blue Jacket:The War Chief

Blue JacketA member of the Shawnee tribe, Blue Jacket, or Weyapiersenwah, was born in 1743, Ohio. Blue Jacket was a great importance for the Shawnee people, espicially for defending their lands agains the Western Confederacy. He died a natural death, at the age of 67.

Wars and Battles Blue Jacket took part in many conflicts. Some conflicts include: the Battle of Fallen Timbers (Aug. 20, 1794), the Battle of Wabash (Nov. 4, 1791), the Northwest Indian War (1773 - 1795), and the American Revolutionary War (1775 - 1783).

Battle of Fallen Timbers The Battle of Fallen Timbers took place on August 20, 1974. During the conflict, General Anthony Wayne defeated over 1,000 Native Americans.After this battle, the Native Americans lost hope of keeping the Northwestern Territory.

Treaty of Greenville In the 1795, the Native Americans in present-day Ohio were forced to sign the Treaty of Greenville. This treaty stated that the Native Americans agreed to surrender and give the land over to the Americans.


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