[2015] Emily Ciardullo: Blue Girl

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[2015] Emily Ciardullo: Blue Girl

By: Charles De Lint

Imogene has movedto a new town, and she wants a fresh start, with no trouble, but trouble finds Imogene anyway, just not the trouble you would expect...

The Blue Girl

`` I can`t do the first damn thing about what other folks think on me, [so I am going to] be whatever I want to be...``(De Lint 39)


Book Cover

``I didn`t lose my couage.`` (De Lint 320)

Welcome to Newford!We have lots of Otherwordly activity!

Imogene and Maxine, they are best friends, and have been through a lot together.

"[Bullies] like Valerie and Brent can't really hurt me anymore. Only someone like [Maxine] could. Or Jared. Because I really care about what you guys think." (De Lint 41)

This is one of the school fairies. The fairies, are crule creatures that creat lots of problems for Imogene, Maxine, and Adrian.

"They were bad news, but they never walked over anybody just because that person was weaker then them" (De Lint 54)

This is Imogene`s pocket knife, this is a symbol of her past life in Tyson.


Main CharactersImgoeneMaxineAdrian

By: Charles De Lint

Secondary CharactersPelly ThomasJared ValerieMs. Tattrie BrentMs. Yeck The fairies

``There are always things watching from the shadows`` (De Lint 308)


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