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blue bell inn 9594

Blue Bell Inn601 Skippack Pike

Yum! Pigeon was served on the menu!

Starting in1743, the Blue Bell Inn has served people food and drinks. People could stay at the Blue Bell Inn overnight.

The old well at the INN provided water for the troops during the Battle of Germantown.

George Washington's bed is still in the Blue Bell Inn!

The Blue Bell Inn was built in 1743.

In 1777, George Washington stayed at the Blue Bell Inn during the war.

The Blue Bell Inn used to give food and drinks to the travelers.

The Blue Bell Inn was built to serve guests and travelers food and drinks.

People would stay at the Blue Bell Inn overnight, too!

The Blue Bell Inn is now used as a place to give out food and drinks.

They put a blue bell on the Blue Bell Inn because some people couldn't read. They renamed the town Blue Bell.


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