Blood Vessels

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Human Anatomy

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Blood Vessels

Capillaries are very small and the smallest ones, only can be seen through a microscope. They are just big enough to transport red blood cells.Capillaries have only one layer of cells. Oxygen and sugar can get out easly. Their function is to supply cells with what they need and take away waste from them.

Blood vessels

ArteriesCarry blood away from the heart.

A blood vessel is an elastic tubular channel, such as an artery, a vein, or a capillary, through which the blood circulates.

Capillaries connect the arteries to the veins. They carry blood close to every tissue in the body.

The aorta, within the heart, is the largest artery.

Arteries have strong, thick, elastic walls. They have to be strong for withstand the strong pumps of the heart. They have elstic walls to expand and spring back as blood passes through them.

Veins carry blood back to the heart.

Veins have a similar size to arteries. However the space inside them is larger and the walls are thinner. They son't need thick walls because the blood in there, has lost almost all the force. They don't need to be elastic because the blood is flowing smoothier.They contain a valve which only let blood flowing one side.


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