Blood Smear

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Blood Smear

Instructions1) Put on safety goggles and gloves. Clean "sample slide" with alcohol swab. 2) Take eye dropper and place one drop of blood on right hand edge of the "sample slide". 3) Take the "spreader slide" and put it at a 45 degree angle on the left hand side of the sample slide. 4) Pull the "spreader slide" towards the right hand edge where the blood sample is until your "spreader slide" touches the blood. 5) Maintaining the 45 degree angle, push the "spreader slide" back towards the left hand side. The blood will bepulled alongsidethe slide, onlypush up tothe edge.

1) safety goggles and gloves2) blood3) 2 slides, "sample slide" and "spreader slide"4) eye dropper

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Materials Needed

Blood Smear

How to smear blood onto a slidefor use in a microscopePrepared by: Ms. Stwalley


As always: Don't touch blood with bare hands!

Sources:Vet Logic "Making a blood smear"


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