Blood River

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Blood River

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This book is a good read because it includes an intersting narrative along with a lot of facts about the settlement of Jamestown. I would reccomend this to others because they will enjoy the book and learn new things. My group and I were able to have a lot of interesting conversations based around this book!

This is a historical fiction novel about the first permanent settlement in Jamesown. The story is told from a perspective of a young man who can as the apprentice to John Smith. The story includes everything from their journey at sea, to the settlment of Jamestown.


The Story about ...

Why ?

In 1606, King James I of England allowed a group of merchants known as the Virginia Company to send settlers, led by Captain John Smith, to the New World in search of treasure and wealth.


Elisa Carbone is also the author of Stealing Freedom. This is another historical fiction text about slavery and the underground railroad!

You will have to read to find out....




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