blood on the river

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blood on the river

Blood on the River Webquest

TASK 2:Watch "On the Trail of Captain John Smith" to recall the historical details of the settlement of Jamestown. You may also do the activties following each section of the story. In the timeline section of your journal, list the major events from this online activity up to the point where Smith returns to England. Later, you will compare this list with what happens in the novel.

TASK 1:Take notes on post-its as you read the novel, to help you create a timeline of the historic events. As you read, place post-its to mark important events. On each post-it, write:1. the page number2. the date (as best as you can tell) and 3. the important event that happened on that date. When you finish the book, you will use create a timeline, based on your post-its.

OPTIONAL ACTIVITY:Play the The Jamestown Online Adventure - Decide how to set up your settlement and discover the consequences of your decisions.

TASK 4:Create a character web of Samuel Collier, noting his personality traits. How does he change throughout the course of the novel? Instructions will be provided in class.

Explore a virtual recreation of the Jamestown fort.

Task 3:Write responses in your journal to questions and prompts provided in class or on this glog or Moodle.

Click to see an historical Jamesown timeline. (Scroll down to 1606.)

Task 5: Class Timeline Using the timeline notes on your post-its, we will create a timeline using View the timeline through the link and compare it to the historical timeline of the Jamestown settlement in the link below.

Explore author Elisa Carbone's website.


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