Blood on the river

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Blood on the river

A Novel by: Elisa CarboneBy: Viola Pafford

This is a story about traveling to the settlement of Jamestown and what happened to most people who excepted the daring journey. This tale is being reveiled from the perspective of a boy named Samuel who's mother has died and has been chosen to serve Captain John smith in and on the way to the new world. he faces many pros and cons but all in all its an adventure he wanted, and its definitly an adventure that he got.

Throughout chapters 1-7 we've read about the adventues of sailing through the perspective of Samuel, an orpaned theif who was chosen to serve Captain John Smith in the new world. So far they've gotten through bad weather, indians, poison sap and many other dificulties. Sam expects there to be riches in the new world, which is the only reason he's kept on going. He has no idea of the dangers awaiting him.

Ch 1-7

Blood onthe River

background Info

Samuel is an ambitious young boy who's mother's sole sadly left her body. Sam's life has been blighted with difficulties, danger, and aggresiveness. He doesn't enjoy social activity and perfers to be deserted from all people. The one person he loved left to be in God's kingom and sam claimed to not need any friendship or love since the tragic misfortune.

Who isSamuel

I trust to understand that the future of this story lies in the tales of adventure. The three boats will sail to the new world and attempt at making a great home. The future will be dotted with danger but over all paved with excitement, adventure, and adacious challenges we've yet to face.

What is to come


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