Blood of Olympus

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Blood of Olympus

By: Rick Riordan

Title: Blood of Olympus

Plot This book revolves around seven half god teenagers who have to save the world from the Earth Goddess Gaea. Together they face many challenges like evil Giants, Ghosts and six armed ogres called earthborn. They travel through Greece and Rome to reach Athens and stop Gaea from being awoken and destroying the Earth.

Settings The story takes place in Greece and Rome. Some of the more specfic places are Athens or Pompeii.

What I thought about the Book

I thought the book was worth reading to finish the series off. It had a lot of things I liked but it lacked some of the elements that the other books had like plot twists and intense action scenes. I also missed the feeling of wanting to know more about Greek mythology. Overall I would not reconmend this book if you had read the other ones because it is very predictable and similar to the other ones in the series.

Main Characters

Quote Jason "I cant die, my friends are depending on me. this quote expresses Jason's feeling of responsibility for his friends

Quote "Are you so eager to die roman?" this qoute is saying that the 7 teenagers are taking a lot of risks that could be fatal.

GenreThis book is a fantasy book because it uses on greek and roman mythology being in real life. Their is magic and monsters in the world that this book takes place in.

Recommendation This book would be loved by people who like multiple charaters, action, adventure, and courage.

ThemesThis book has many themes some of them being daring, courageous and putting your own life in danger for some one else. The heroes do many daring things like choosing to fight a temple of ghosts instead of running away. When Annabeth is scared and trapped piper has the courage to save her and to fight the monsters inside when she isnt that good at fighting.

This story focuses mainly on 7 teenagers Annabeth, Leo, Percy, Piper, Frank, Jason, and Hazel. Annabeth is courageous daring and really smart. Hazel is caring and very crafty she can control reality. Leo is a master at building. Percy has had many experiences in battle and is son of posiedon Piper has a great instinct and the ability to charmspeak. Jason is the son Zues and is always combat ready. Frank is the muscle of the group and is a natural born leader.


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