Blood of Olympus

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Blood of Olympus

Author: Rick Riordan

Title: The Blood of Olympus

Main EventsThe main events in this book are not clear yet but I think that the seven demigods and the syter will defeat Gaea.

SettingsIn this book the setting takes place in many different places. Some of these places include Athens, Camp halfblood, places in Rome and other places in Europe.

CharactersThis book has many charaters like Annabeth, daughter of Athena. Percy, son of Posidean. Jason, son of Jupider/Zeus. Pipper, daughter of Aphrodiete. Leo, son of Hephstus. Hazel, daughter of Pluto/Hades. Frank, son of Mars/Ares. Nico Di-Angelo, son of Pluto/Hades. And Coach Hedge, who is a syter. Who are all working together to defeat Gaea, earthmother who will destroy earth with all of her childern/monsters.


Problem, conflict

What you think about the Book?

The problem in this book is that Gaea is waking up, the Romans and Greeks are at war, and the dmigods are running out of time.

I think this book series along with this book the Blood of Olympus which I am reading now is very well written and I never want to stop reading it! I would recommend this series and this book to anyone who like adventure, action, suspence, and myths.


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